Z-Way the Gold-Standard Z-Wave Controller

Every Smart Home in general and every Z-Wave Network in particular is controlled by a central controller and regardless whether this is a large PC or a small router box, there is a software that implements the communication and control function.

Z-Wave.Me's flagship software to control Z-Wave networks is called Z-Way. Z-Way was the very first Z-Wave control software certified by the Z-Wave Alliance back in March 2011 (ZC08-11040003). A recertification according the Z-Wave Plus rules was accomplished in November 2014 (ZC08-14110009). 

Z-Way comes in three parts:

  1. An optimized firmware that runs right on the Z-Wave transceiver chip.
  2. The communication stack that runs on different host Operating Systems. This stack included
  3. An automation engine and optionally a web server to implement the  User Interface. The User Interfaces running either on the users web browser or mobile phone.

Z-Way comes with a couple of very useful features that make the software the gold standard of Z-Wave stacks in the market.

  • Its physically tested against over 450 different Z-Wave devices, among them virtually all devices available in Europe plus the better part of US devices including all Door locks.
  • It offers a platform neutral backup and restore function. A network created by one instance of Z-Way (e.g. running on Windows) can be saved and restored on a different Z-Way instance.
  • Z-Way visualizes all communication between the devices  and is therefore a perfect debug and test tool too
  • Z-Way comes with an open REST API implemented in JSON. This allows third parties to write their own Z-Wave Network Application and User Interface completely hiding the use of Z-Way but still enjoying the robustness and flexibility of the solution.  

Z-Way can run on different operating systems and host hardware but it will always require a Z-Wave.Me Z-Wave transceiver hardware connected to it and this hardware must be a valid license key to run Z-Way.

  1. RaZberry: A little daughterboard turns the raspberry pi into a fully operational Z-Wave controller running Z-Way. The hardware already contains a valid licensing key inside the transceiver chip.
  2. UZB Stick on Windows or Linux: Z-Way can run on a Windows or Linux Operating System (i86 platform). You may want to download the latest software from http://razberry.zwave.me/z-way-server. You will need a UZB Transceiver Stick with valid Z-Way licensing code inside. You can either purchase a  stick that has the license already included or you can upgrade any available UZB stick to run Z-Way using a Z-Way Licensing key.  The UZB stick must have a firmware version >= 5.2. Please refer to this document how to upgrade the UZB Stick in case you own an older version. Please be aware, that Z-Way will not run with a third party Z-Wave  transceiver hardware.

  3. libzway: It is possible to license the Z-Wave stack library only. Please contact us to discuss your project.


The new RaZberry Controller Software Version 2.2 now comes with own App Store. Check out more details here or you straight to the RaZberry Home Page.