Flush Mountable Switch

The switch Flush Mountable is a wireless actuator able to switch loads up to 2300 W. Depending on the SKU Code the device is delivered as a complete set with flush mountable insert, paddle and mounting frame compatible to the switching series of choice. The paddle of the device is used to control the device itself but can also be configured to activate scenes in a central IP gateway or controller. The status of the switch is indicated on a dual color LED for test purposes and every status change is - if configured - reported to a central IP gateway or controller. The function of the local paddle can be configured as detached from the local operation. In this local control, different devices are controlled by Z-Wave while the local actuator is controlled by other devices using Z-Wave. This device is designed for a 3 wire system and needs a neutral wire in the wall box.

Features include:

  • Internal LED can be used as night light or can be turned off if desired
  • Invert button assignment
  • Four association groups
  • Single click/Double Click
  • Status Change Report
  • Support of Switch All commands
  • Support for Multi Instance Devices (Multi Instance Association Commands)
  • Auto turn off after user defined interval to simplify automation functions
  • Node Naming for professional installation processes
  • Explicit Scene Switching capabilities
  • Switching Paddle can be used independent of the electrical function. This allows using e.g. the wall switch as mains powered wall controller.

Additional Information and external links:

Hint: This product was part of the  Z-Wave product line of the former German Brand Düwi acquired by Z-Wave.Me in March of 2014. The Z-Wave.Me version of the device may not be 100 % compatible with functions of the original Düwi product.


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